Race Dash for Sim Games – v4.8.2 out now on iOS

Race Dash for Sim Games v4.8.2 is now available in the iOS App Store. It’s a companion dashboard app for the F1 2020, F1 2019, F1 2018, F1 2017, F1 2016, Project CARS, Project CARS 2, Forza Motorsport 7, Forza Horizon 4 and Assetto Corsa games which recreates a race car dash and displays live telemetry data from the game to add depth and realism to your sim racing.

Changes for v4.8.2:

-Fixed a crash on Timing 3 (PCARS2)
-Fixed fuel mix displaying incorrectly on popup screens (F1 2020)
-ERS display fixes (F1 2020)
-Timing screen tweaks (F1 2020)

Happy holidays, and roll on 2021. Enjoy your racing 😉