Race Dash for pCARS

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A companion dashboard app for the Project CARS game which recreates a race car dash and displays live telemetry data from the game to add depth and realism to your sim racing. This second-screen app adds to your immersion in the game.

Display key data such as speed, gear, RPM, fuel level, KERS, oil/water temps, brake temps, tyre temps, tyre wear, laptime and lap delta. The RPM lights are customisable to suit your preference and the whole display can flash at the gear shift point.

A simple dashboard is included with numerous other layouts and styles available as add-ons. Customisation options includes 'backlight' colour, and speed, pressure, temperature units.

Slide out views show your fuel usage over the the last few laps with a calculated average to help with pitstop strategies. Laptime history lets you see your consistency. Tap to display these views, and enable auto-hide to dismiss.

Add up to 10 dashboards to your selection at any one time and quickly swipe between them for fast access, or program a button on your controller to toggle.

Project CARS or Project CARS 2 games are required on either PC, PS4 or Xbox One. This app requires the UDP data mode to be enabled in the game - instructions for enabling this are provided.

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Why not join in with the discussion and suggest new features or perhaps get help with the app, over at the Project Cars forum thread on Race Dash for pCARS here: http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?44041-iOS-app-Race-Dash-for-pCARS

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by ritchbird Racefeelings 🙂
Very nice and clean PC-Race-App. Like it!
by Fred-2B Very good app!

This app is really realistic and looks like a true dash. The several dash and colors allow a good range of possible combination...
I hope it will soon include some lap times and other telemetry data...

by Battierincluded Works just how it should!
I was a little unsure when buying this due to the lack of reviews, but after using it, it works profoundly well! There's not a single bug or crash I have come across while using this app. [...]